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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  April 25, 2010 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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thomas and kirsten powers. i'm jon scott. >> good morning, it's sunday, april, 25th. i'm juliet huddy in for alisyn camerota. tornados go across the midwest, killing ten people. >> a tough immigration law in arizona facing fierce opposition and protesters planning a massive rally and this fight may be headed to court as well. >> school kids not old enough to pack their own lunch learning gun safety. why some elementary schools are teaching about packing heat and-- and russ in florida says this morning, coffee is brewing, the sun is starting to glow and all i need now is the "fox & friends" show, well, you've
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got it! >> it's "fox & friends." >> where is the viewer from that just wrote that because there's no sun in new york city and hideous. >> maybe the sun is already up in florida. thank you for waking up with us, we have severe weather and maybe the storms moving through that part of florida right now. we start with a severe weather alert. look at the video, mississippi, other parts of the southeast, hardest hit around yazoo city and at least ten people dead including children. and a state of emergency in ten mississippi counties. >> and storms ripping through louisiana, arkansas, tennessee, texas, georgia and missouri and right now looking at damage from the st. louis area as you can see there. >> let's get to rick reichmuth who has a breakdown. this is enormous and actually a mile wide. >> yeah, points up to maybe a mile wide and they'll have to go in and do some surveying
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and exactly where it was. >> when it went through yazoo city three quarters of a mile wide at least, probably, maybe an ef-3, ef-4 strength. winds up to 165 miles per hour and we talk about long track orders and talking about that yesterday, how some will be long and long which hadth. went northeastern louisiana through mississippi and parts of alabama and that one tornado causing majority of the devastation we saw yesterday n total 54 reports of tornados. that was yesterday and i also want to talk about today. we still do have some tornado concerns although not as strong as yesterday, but areas right now across parts of the south dealing with it and throughout the day as the storm continues to pull up from the east probably from around areas of pennsylvania all the way through florida that threat for severe weather will continue to be with us today. gep, i don't think it's as much today. bigger hail threat and strong
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wind threat and that order threat yesterday. 54 today, guys, ten before day that and we're at 104 tornados in three days, the largest severe weather outbreak this year and a lot more video coming in and also reports coming in overnight from tornados in alabama that potentially could have caused damage and that was nighttime. as the sun comes up we'll see that damage and find out if there are more injuries and hopefully no fatalities from that as well. >> it's tough to talk about this morning, but this has been an uncharacteristically accumulate spring as far as tornados. >> it is. typically we would have seen many more, sobering statistics, but typically in the last ten years, around 40 fatalities for tornados so far. at this point right now we're at 11 and certainly is horrible when you talk about any kind of fatalities, but give awe idea how it has been a calm tornado season, but now we're in april and april begins to pick up and may is the peak and still high in june. so we're in the active time of
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it. certainly, a devastating wakeup call for so many people now. >> so, have you ever been in a tornado? a tornado. >> seen a few in colorado never in the midst of one. >> in missouri actually at the, you know, of missouri you could go downstairs and hear the sirens wailing and luckily, never actually hit, but, yeah, scary. >> what else is going on? >> i'll give you the headlines. the coast guard announces a huge amount of oil from that oil rig off the louisiana shore and coast guard estimates as many as one thousand barrels a day into the gulf of mexico. bad weather is hampering up efforts to clean up the oil on the surface and the coast guard ended the search for 11 missing workers in the explosion. in iraq, two top figures have been killed and april 19th claim by u.s. and iraqi
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officials the two men were killed in a joint operation near tikrit north of baghdad, a devastating blow it the al-qaeda in iraq, but the terror network says the deaths would not affect the group's operation. newly released documents revealed goldman sachs and compared the investments to frankenstein turning against his own inventor. goldman is fighting back, the investment firm accused the committee cherry picking which e-mails to release and goldman executives including ceo lloyd blankfine are expected to get grilled. the minor killed in the explosion underground, the president along with joe biden
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and the state's delegation. including prayers and special tribute to the 29 who died in the upper big branch mine. the explosion is the worst coal mining disaster in 40 years. >> poison lead singer bret michaels remains hospitalized in critical condition after suffering a brain hemorrhage. according to his website. he's currently a contestant on donald trump's celebrity apprentice. he was hill before a concert just happened two weeks ago and those are the latest headlines and this is very strange sight we have here and in you'll see it in a second. >> we're visibly uncomfortable right now. why? there's actually a t-rex in our-- ments we've got to take a shot of it now. listen to this, we're going to get to that. >> oh! [laughter] >> but first, let's see if we can-- >> it's walking in during the serious stories. how incredible is that. >> i didn't know where i was, i thought "fox & friends."
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>> you thought the jurassic. >> let's talk about immigration, big court battles, lawsuits are filed immediately after jan brewer in arizona signed the legislation. geraldo had a chance to sit down last night and had an interesting discussion with sheriff joe arpallo. pink underwear for inmates, we had himmen talking about an initiative. >> bicycles to power the tv's, that's the guy. >> he's in favor of this legislation and geraldo took him to task last night. >> all this heat, all of this stuff coming from the president, i don't know why he's interfering with arizona, the people of arizona and by the way, the president should understand, we, this law mirrors the federal law. so if he has a problem with the state law he's got to have a problem with his own federal law so he ought to be looking at the federal law. you know, no matter who you
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talk to, it's pretty evident that this legislation in arizona will do probably, yes, it will being challenged, but probably just puts a lot of pressure on the federal government as president obama said the other day to actually start acting on immigration reform. >> right, there are critics that say first off, the federal government is the only one that can enact and enforce immigration law. >> take a look at the constitution, yeah. >> they're worried of course about civil rights violations and worried about the fourth amendment and they say that guarantees you the right to unreasonable searches and seeshs, so people are worried about this and the legal challenges go from the fourth amendment to 14th amendment up and down the constitution and they've got a long fight, 90 days this thing goes into action. >> if you look at proposition 87 when i lived out in california, i remember the hubbub about proposition 187 at the time and if you remember, it was about not giving illegal immigrants the right to health care and services, it was passed and found unconstitutional and the
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court battles and they slowly started whittling away at the legislation through court battles and that's what a lot of people say will happen here. >> we'll have jeanine pirro on the show to hear what see has to say, which is what most legal analysts say, not going to hold up. >> immigration may kill the climate bill because lindsey graham has backed out of his support for the climate bill going through the senate and working on it with joe lieberman and john kerry and set to make an announcement tomorrow and again dropped his support of it because it looks like the president is putting immigration ahead of the climate bill. so, opponents of climate legislation, you can feel relaxed this morning and exhale. >> here is what lindsey graham had to say, moving forward on immigration in this hurried panic matter is nothing more than a cynical plot employ, i
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know my personal experiences amount of time energy and effort that must be devoted to this issue to make even limited progress, he says immigration is important, but we've been working hard on this will bill. it will take months if not years to get the immigration done and lindsey graham knows. there was supposed to be action tomorrow. >> a background pomp and circumstance, we've got the lectern, the-- >> we've got the dj. >> cancel the giant sub. >> they're going to have a dj. >> no, they have to cancel that. pennsylvania governor, i know that state well, he's under fire for coming at the tea party and first of all, play this and make your own judgments and we'll talk about it after this. >> what's happened, the mainstream media, i'm not blaming the conservative media, i think the mainstream
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medias had a sort of fallen for this, hook, line and sinker, there's no clout behind this movement and reflects what people feel, but the actual movement itself, has no infrastructure, has no ability to bring a lot of people to key sites at key moments in time. give the tea partyoochlt tes credit for the ones who brought this to the fore, is totally misguided. >> no infrastructure. no infrastructure and he went on to say probably the most controversial thing that struck me, anyway was this puppies comment that he said. do you have the quote? >> he's talking how the tea party has been able to galvanize 10,000 people here or there. governor rendell said if i had a rally to have stronger laws to protect puppy, i would get 100,000 people in washington without breaking a sweat. >> i think the headline is he doesn't blame the comfort media, he blames the-- blames all media. >> that's new.
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he says the mainstream media has fallen hook line and sinker, exactly. >> take a look at the fox poll, is the tea party a serious movement. >> 56% say, yeah, it's a serious newspaper. and we find it interesting they say we don't want it to be a serious movement and fundraisers and candidates and once it happens, then it lose whaz we set about to do in the tea party movement. it's a conflict. do you want organized and fundraisers and thousand dollar a plate dinners, what does it stand for. let us know what you think about governor rendell's comments. let us know. >> it's out of focus when you're watching t-rex around the studio. >> some students are learning about guns and some parents
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are up in arms about the curriculum. >> and nurse practitioners and health care, could playing the role of doctor become dangerous? a fab fair and balanced debate is next. >> and buddy, i have a power bar in my pocket, do you want it? >> exxonmobil has many employees in africa where malaria has touched their own lives; their own families. we're a part of a pioneering venture to get bed nets hung in every dwelling and medicines to babies and young children, which should save hundreds of thousands of lives. this is not gonna be solved by single doctors, governments or global agencies. it's gonna be solved by all of us working together.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends," 15 minutes now past the hour, should your nurse become your primary care provider? in 28 states now, nurse practitioners may soon have the power to do just that because the states are looking to fill a future doctor shortage by giving nurses that same authority. here for a fair and balanced debate on the issue, she says she's a nurse's practice tigs tigser, welcome to both of you
7:17 am
this morning. >> good morning. >> why should nursing be allowed to play doctor? >> well, nurses don't want to play doctor. nurses want to be nurse practitioners, the point here is that nurse practitioners provide safe, effective quality care and doing that over 40 years. what we're seeking it do is to tip to practice safe quality care with no bar yers or restrictions. what's the problem here? >> we have no problem with nurse practitioners fulfilling the role they're designed to do and quite frankly, there's need and expanding roll for them. the only issue of controversy is whether they should have an independent practice. >> and doctor, the question is a lot of the criticism i'm hearing, too, a lot of this is routine, right, that these nurse practitioners are going to handle routine care and the criticism i'm hearing, there's nothing rue even in the medical field. what do you say to that? >> indeed there's nothing routine in medicine and
7:18 am
nursing, what nurse practitioners are to do to practice to the full extent of our license, that means we are able to provide care unsupervised and not seeking independent practice, no health care in the united states of america are practicing privately, they're autonomous. >> there's a huge doctor shortage coming down the pipe in 15 years, you're going to need the help. >> we do need the help. in fact in my practice we have a nurse practitioners, there are nurse practitioners integrated in the hospital care that i practice at. again, there's no issue with that. nurse practitioners willful fill an important role, including those proposed. the issue is can they be autonomous, i'll use her phrase. being autonomous is a problem. the scope of practice is different and training different. if you say you can have a limited practice, but you
7:19 am
don't know what's going to come through the door. in a home environment, say a medical home or a hospital environment where collaboration can occur, then they fulfill a great role. but an independent, autonomous practice, i have a problem with that as do most people. >> doctor, what do you say to at that? >> i say that right now, when we say collaboration and supervision in the united states, there's an implication that there's a physician looking over our shoulder. here in new york state where i practice, i have a collaborative practice agreement, but that collaborative practice agreement does not assure quality, indeed a collaborative practice in new york state is a retro-effective chart review, no need for a physician on site or mileage requirement. i can have a physician in rochester be collaborative with hee in new york. a retro effective chart review is not someone over my shoulder. an interesting point and important one is that there are 16 states in the united states, there is no collaboration or supervision
7:20 am
and nurses do and have been practicing autonomously. >> i think one thing is clear from the debate both of you are as start as a whip and i'd be in good hands with either of you. thank you for joining us this sunday morning on "fox & friends." >> thank you. >> well, coming up on the show, an iranian clarity says that women's prosecutm cue tty s earthquakes. and wait until you hear when we come back. sports caster by day, crime fighter by night. a sports caster to helped take down a passenger to threatened to blow up an airplane. what if church could stamp out malaria. would you come.
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>> >> welcome back to "fox & friends" weekend. evangelist franklin graham banned from speaking at a national day of prayer event
7:24 am
at the pentagon reportedly because of past descriptions of islam as evil. >> graham speaking out against the claim earlier this week. >> when you look at islam, i love the people of islam, but the religion i do not agree with the religion at all and if you look at what the religion does just to women, women alone, it is just horrid. and so, yes, i speak out for women, i speak out for people that livened islam, that are enslaved by islam and i want them to know that they can be free. >> fox news contributor father jonathan morris is here with perspective on the story. good morning, father. are there a few people who agree with franklin graham, his decision about islam. is it to disinvite him from speaking at the national prayer breakfast, is that fair. when i talked to one of the producers, i think it's good they did not invite him or disinvited him because i was taking my information from big newspapers of what he had
7:25 am
said. then i studied it a little bit more and i realized if you take a look at what franklin graham has said about islam, it's quite balanced. he said, yes, i don't believe-- i believe this is a false religion, i think parts of islam does horrible things against women, but he's also said he thinks there are many, very, very good muslims, very, very good faith-filled people who are following the muslim religion and therefore, i think we have to say yes, he should be allowed to speak at the pentagon without a doubt. >> allowed to speak at the pentagon. a lot of people said when he said a false religion the criticism, well, this is the largest religion in the world. how is it a false religion? are all of these people misled. >> well, if i say, jesus christ was the son of god and muslim says i don't believe it, it was. one of us is wrong, okay to say i believe this is a false religion, it doesn't mean a
7:26 am
muslim can't get to heaven, can't be in the through in the midst of that false religion god wouldn't find a way to bring them-- >> how would you describe islam. >> you want me to make a sound bite, right. >> set you up. >> and it is a good question. i believe that god is very merciful and very compassionate and he's like the hound of heaven looking for us and getting us and bringing us closer to him. no matter where we are, what we were born into. and so, do i think islam is a religion that's equally as correct as christianity, no. otherwise i would become muslim. it's okay to say we disagree with each other, but i do think that god is compassionate and loving gods and find ways to bring us closer to him if we accept it. >> and you found a way to answer that question without making headlines. >> i wasn't setting you up, just to let now that. >> devastating tornados in parts of the midwest and south
7:27 am
killing at least ten people. the latest on that disaster and where the storm is headed next this morning. >> plus, elementary school kids learning the basics about gun safety. is that too young to teach about packing heat? we report you decide. >> and jurassic park invading our set this morning, the boys are scared and why t-rex is running around. >> father john in there. >> took off my arm. i have diabetes, and sometimes i wonder
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends" this morning on your sunday morning, that's juliet huddy and david briggs and i'm clayton morris and alisyn camerota is off this morning. we're learning more about president's eating habits, a little secret, take a listen. >> a weakness for pie, one thing that happens, they have a great pastry chef there and it became a problem so they had to separate. >> the little pie company brought us in a bunch of delicious pies. >> is there a fork or a knife? >> no, you have to eat it in one. >> mr. president, we've got your treat. >> so, if you have one of the greatest pastry chefs in the world in the house and you're addicted to pie. it's amazing he hasn't put on a lot of weight. >> he golfs all the time and plays basketball a lot and can eat what he wants because he's
7:32 am
exercising. >> and works out. >> you have a weakness to pie and you don't seem to like apple or cherry. >> he likes the whipped cream, boston cream pie, pumpkin pie. >> coconut cream pie. >> yeah. >> that's just not american, i'm sorry. >> i'm a patriot, i am. >> coconut is unamerican. >> pie. >> coconuts don't grow in america. >> only kidding, only kidding. >> okay. . >> and speaking of patriotic. >> yes, imagine this curriculum, parents. social studies, reading, gun safety. would that be a tad odd for your third or fourth grader? well, it would and that's what's happening in the state of virginia, required by law. they have to put together a gun safety curriculum for public elementary schools and that is incorporates guidelines from the n.r.a. themselves. >> i can imagine that some parents are not too keen on, although some parents might really like the idea, but some parents, i'm sure are up in
7:33 am
arms. >> get it? >> about it. >> that was a good one. >> some are arguing-- >> you stole that from the prompter here. >> some are saying we've seen an increase in violence in the schools and better to have kids equipped for this and protection, others say it's ridiculous, having kids learn about guns in the system. and that adds to the problem having the kids learn about this at an early age. >> they have mcgruff and-- >> they're clear ap the n.r.a., they haven't come up with the curriculum and eddie the eagle, on the web, they teach if you see a gun, stop, don't touch, leave the area, tell an adult. these are in fact good things for your children to learn, so it's not necessarily here is a gun, here is how to shoot it. >> right. >> how to be safe, how to stay away, if in fact there is one, what to do, maybe that's not a
7:34 am
bad thing to do. >> we've heard of childhood accidents at home, dad has a gun in the closet and no one is home from work and the kid find the gun. >> and i think the guidelines are given to you. >> by the n.r.a. >> let us know what you think, e-mail us at, start with a fox news alert, other devastation reported in parts of mississippi as tornados tear through the southeast, at least ten people are dead in counties around yazoo city. countless homes and businesses have been heavily, heavily damaged and 17 counties declared disaster areas and this man survived the tornado. >> the roof is caving in, tv's flying off the shelf and it's horrible, really bad. >> tornados and strong storms also ripped through alabama, louisiana, arkansas, and other states. heavy damage is reported around the entire region. rick, what's happening today? >> you know what, we're still dealing with it, less of a big
7:35 am
threat and it's going to continue to pull off towards the east, areas from florida all the way towards parts of pennsylvania, dealing with this. certainly the nation's capital back across parts of ohio as well under the threat probably for more damaging winds and hail and could see an isolated tornado at times. want to look at the future radar, where we are right now. this is the dangerous part of that front and pulls off the upper level disturbance, the culprit for most of the damage we've seen here, will continue to linger across parts of the great lakes and that's going to keep things gloomy the next few days around the area, but as far as that severe threat for us today. this is where we've got it going on, areas from about central areas of florida all the way up and down the eastern coast and areas, and people are going to assess some damage. take a look at video out of the area because it's been devastating especially across areas of mississippi and parts of alabama and this here, i believe is out of mississippi.
7:36 am
and some of the areas of alabama we're probably not going to see some of that damage until sunlight comes up and we start to get in and be able to assess that because there are some preliminary reports coming out of big damage there. this though from yazoo city, which is a city, had this storm tracked just a few hundred yards to the north. it would have been a more populated area and causing more damage and fatalities certainly with such a large tornado. at this point it appears that the tornado was around three quarters of a mile wide when it moved through the area, just across the southern areas of yazoo city and haley barber, going into the town. the worst we've seen so far this year and hopefully the worst this year and latter parts of this month as well as in towards may and june we'll see a lot more. for the most part, this one probably mostly done. >> it's still dark in most parts of the country and i'm sure we'll be hearing the devastation and destruction over the next few hours. thank you very much, we'll
7:37 am
check back with you in a little bit. now the rest of the headlines, olympia snowe calling for the strongest derivatives rules signaling democrats may get the votes they need to debate the financial regulation bill and need 41 senators to vote with them in order to start debate on the bill. dems say the new bill will bring new oversights and hedge funds and derivatives and protecting consumers from risky products. >> iran test fired missiles as it continues war games. they're believed to be short range missiles. meanwhile, ahmadnejad says u.n. sanctions against his country would be illegal and accused the u.s. and britain of lying about iran's nuclear program. ahmadnejad made the comment after meeting with the president of uganda. airlines are appealing to passengers to forfeit their seats to stranded travelers in an attempt to clear the backlog of tourists grounded
7:38 am
after the volcano in iceland. can you believe this, more than 100,000 flights were canceled after the massive ash cloud shut down air space over europe. the volcano is still spewing ash, but flight authorities say most airline services are operating as normal. and this guy chose the wrong store to break into. no, he literally did. darnell merrick. mru, reportedly told cops he meant to breck into a liquor store and climbed through the wrong vent and dropped into a gift store. he had to climb through the roof again and the shop owner says the suspect caused about 10,000 bucks worth of damage, charged with burglary and mischief, but at least he got gift cards. and that's duke duckies are alive because the mother duck was crossing the road with newborns when it was stuck and
7:39 am
the woman saw the babies and gathered them into the car and all the ducklings are reportedly okay. those are the headlines. >> i love stories like that, dave, what's going on there. >> i'm terrified right now. i'll show you why in a moment. they're strong, loud, and this morning invaded our studio, it's an arena spectacular taking the world by storm. we're talking with matthew rimer, walking with dinosaurs and yes, a baby t-rex in the studio. who looks incredibly life like, i'm not paying that there's a human being inside of it. matthew good morning. >> good morning. >> i'm terrified. tell me a little about the show. what can people expect this thing to travel the country starting in the next couple of weeks? >> well, we're going to, time warp you back 150 million years and our show's paleontologists mr. take you on this incredible journey through the jurassic and other
7:40 am
periods and they interact with each other, they roar, they fight. i saw this thing on the streets of new york yesterday and people were literally screaming and thought they might get bit or lose an arm. what makes them so life-like? they took six years and 20 million dollars researching ap developing this technology and these dinosaurs and the eyes blinks and the jaw moves and they roar and the whole idea, yeah, to make you believe what you're seeing is a real dinosaur. >> walking with the dinosaur, essentially a broadway show times ten, enormous arenas, this is a baby t-rex, what else can people see and how big are some of the biggest dinosaurs. >> our largest is the mama bronc saurus, 36 feet tall and like the height of a three-story building and the largest radio remote controlled, a great combination of puppetry and technology.
7:41 am
>> and go up to the enormous bronc saurus. >> you leak that, what ages are appropriate for the? because my four and two-year-old will freak out. >> it's like a rollercoaster ride and you saw them screaming. i think it's like a rollercoaster ride you're screaming, but great time. ages three to 93, no bad seat in the house. you'll set up in the reern arena and some of them. if your an intimidated sit further out. >> he can only growl and roar, but that must be an enormous task. >> this suit weighs about 200 pounds, a lot of testing and training to make them look so real. >> do you like cherry pie, dinosaur, baby t-rex, oh, i'm leaving right here. >> have you got any meat he's
7:42 am
a carnivore. >> that's right. >> my kids would have told me-- we'll get you bacon down the hall. >> i've got one of our floor crew's breakfast. >> perfect, clayton, thank you (laughter) >> you might lose an arm with that breakfast, log on to our website, fox and to find out where you can see walking with dinosaurs coming to a city near you, more than 20 cities across the country. i know i will be at one of those shows. matthew rimer and baby t-rex thanks for being here this morning. >> and fut extinct. >> good point. >> what's coming up. >> okay, sweetie, okay. i'll protect you, i'll protect you. >> how scary. >> give him your arm he's hungry. >> whoa. >> we just lost a crew member! coming up on the show, women worldwide are furious over iranian cleric's statement that female promiscuity causes, quote, earthquakes. we're going to talk with
7:43 am
iranian actors about at that statement and what women worldwide are doing about it next. >> plus, a trip back in time with a t-rex as you saw, more on "fox & friends" weekend in just one momento. ♪ hey bets, can i borrow a quarter? sure, still not dry? i'm trying to shrink them. i lost weight and now some clothes are too big. how did you do it? simple stuff. eating right and i switched to whole grain. whole grain... [ feme announcer ] people who eat more whole grain tend to have a healthier body weight. multigrain cheerios has five whole grains and 110 calories per serving. multigrain cheerios. try new chocolate cheerios with a touch of delicious chocolate taste in every bite.
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from the new nourish plus shine collection. that's the beauty of nature and science. >> welcome back here to "fox & friends." 46 minutes now past the hour. a prayer leader in iran this week, saying that women who dress provocatively spreads promiscuity, and he says when promiscuity spreads, earthquakes: women worldwide taking action against this thanks to an idea from a feminist blogger from indiana and organization what had she called a breast quake to defy the cleric. joining us with her rashg is iranian born actress mary, whose play is "beneath the
7:47 am
veil" and launches tonight in new york city in the lincoln center. >> nice to see you, too. >> give us context, why this is an outrageous statement from this iranian cleric. >> i don't think it's the first time such a thing is happening, just at this particular time and the way it's displayed and the wording concerned. because for the past three decades we've heard a lot of statements as such close to it and things that didn't make sense came out and the world didn't really pay attention to tjust within the persian community it was sort after humorous thing that we passed it through, but at this time he's gonna little bit too far with the statement, as far as women's sexuality is concerned because they're so threatened by it and cover it naturally from head to toe. basically the veil when you were young was nonexistent, but the veil has come in vogue, if you will, in iran and other parts of the middle east, why is there this, seems like regressionments when the revolution happened in iran and ayatollah hkhomeini took
7:48 am
over the government and particularly the issue of women's rights issues and human rights issue, it became a major problem because for the past three decades one of the major factors we've had that women have not been treated equally and there are so many abuse systems within the prison that exist in iran today against women and it's been one after the other and on top of everything else they have covered all women under a black drape which is more than the half the nation. >> as if women's body are offensive and men should be scared of it. this writer says it's time for boob quake. monday, april 26th, tomorrow, i will wear the most cleavage showing shirt i own and she wants everyone, female skeptics around the world embracing the supernatural power of their breasts, she says. are you going to join her on this. >> i'm joining her on stage because i'm playing a
7:49 am
character she's very voluptuous and not scared of wearing tight clothing and doing it on stage tonight for sure at the lincoln center. >> do you see a move and a shift, i'll leave you with this, from female oppression in the world, specifically in the middle east? do you think that we're starting, we're at a tipping point in a movement away from that? >> i don't think so, i think these are short, brief, anecdotes that's going to come and go, the reality of life into the situation that exists within the core of the government, within the families and unfortunately the victims are women and at this point for the economy and power play, they have to be under the veil, so, it's unfortunate that we are always the victim of any type of a historic movement and this was one of them which affected the world, by the way. >> beneath the veil opens tonight at lincoln center. mary apick, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> sports caster by day, crime fighter by night. tampa bay rays announcer helps
7:50 am
take down a passenger that threatened to mrblow up an airplane. a symptom college students describe over social media withdrawal. i'm starting to feel some of those this morning. whoo! whoo! this is why we do this! freedom! the open road! no doubt! and progressive has great coverage and policies starting at just $95 a year. i dig that! most bikers do -- that's why progressive is number one! whoo! whoo!
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7:53 am
>> welcome back. a passenger on board a cross country delta flight started spraying water on fellow passengers and tried to open a cabin door and threatened to blow up the plane among other things and the plane was diverted to albecurque new mexico where the suspect, you see, was taken into federal custody. >> tampa bay rays kevin kennedy was on the flight and one of the passengers who helped tie up sheffield. kevin is live with us on the
7:54 am
phone. tell us, wow, what you witnessed in your seat trying to take a snooze. >> that's my feeling this was premeditated. i take this flight frequently red eye, getting back to tampa when the team is back in town and i do most of the home games on the broadcast site. an hour, 15, 20 minutes into the flight. we were sleeping first class, no food on this flight other than snacks so it was snoozing flight and this guy was apparently behind me in 3 d, i was in the aisle 3 c looking forward on the right-hand side of the plane and he had gotten up plenty earlier and apparently tried to go through the bedroom wall to get through the cockpit and tore up the bathroom a little bit and apparently tried to jimmy the lock on the door to the pilot, by that time the flight attendant, i heard her, you know, kind of yelling, sit down, sit down. and that woke me up and started waking everybody up. in first class and the guy i was sitting next to david
7:55 am
fuhrer, we kind of looked at each other from hindsight that something had to be done within a few minutes. and to try to tighten this up for you, he basically was crossing himself, talking about satan, and stay behind us and definitely holding court in the galleyway looking at all of us in first, the lights were off, it was dark we couldn't see him too well, a pretty good sized guy and looked like pretty stocky, strong, about six foot. >> wow. >> and you know, as it went on for seven or eight minutes we got the, i got the eyesight after guy across the aisle from me sitening i believe 2 a so there were three of us and the guy in front of me woke up and i heard him say as i stood up, i decided, you start threatening about bombs and when he did that i knew he was serious, and i saw him kind of check the door of the, you know, when you first get on the plane and also a door to the right, looking forward, from seat 2 c and i saw him kind of getting agitated and we all started getting to a point where you know what, the guy to my right, david, tried
7:56 am
to calm him down and talking him down and that didn't work, i think got worse after that. >> what do you think would have happened if you didn't step up. >> i didn't know if he had a bomb, he threatened to blow up the plane, i don't know if he had something on-- and i didn't know enough about planes to know if he could open the coor, air pressure, i've learned you can't. and we tried to talk him down and i decide today unbuckle and stand up because the flight attendant, i could tell was pretty nervous, a lady and a little bit older man and there was no air marshal on this particular flight so we decided that's just what eyesight three or four guys around me i knew i had help, but actually a couple of guys from coach, younger guys, i could feel their presence in the way next to me, and they actually got to the guy before i did, but three or four of us. >> you guys are heroes, who
7:57 am
knows what might have happened. >> juliet, david, i feel it was proactive and-- >> we've got to run, we want to hear the story, but we have to be right back, take a quick break with you. on top lawn carerands like poulan pr brute by briggs & stratton, pennington, scotts and spectracide. along with thousands of others all over the store. it's rollback time! save money. live better. walmart. to help your skin get healthy and clear. fast forward a few years... ...and now that your problem is wrinkles we still have the solution dermatologists recommend most. neutrogena anti wrinkle moisturizer with pure retinol sa. in just 1 month it's clinically proven to smooth even the deepest wrinkles. so all you neutrogena girls it's time to become neutrogena women.
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>> good morning, it's sunday, april 25th, i'm juliet huddy for in alisyn camerota. we start with a fox news alert. homes crushed and communities destroyed as deadly tornados ripped through the midwest and south and killing at least ten people and now the storm is on the move and we're tracking severe weather all morning. >> and that tough new immigration law in arizona facing fierce opposition this morning, protesters planning a massive rally in arizona and this fight may be headed to court. >> and withdrawal, anxiety, frantic cravings, symptoms of drug and alcohol addiction, being described by college kid over withdrawal from social media, i'm sorry. >> facebook, twitter. >> you can't go five minutes. >> are you twitter and facebook obsessed? "fox & friends" starts--
8:01 am
>> now. >> right now. >> i'll do it for you, now. >> it's "fox & friends." >> hello everybody. >> good morning to you. >> brought juliet huddy in for alisyn camerota and lovely and talented david briggs over there. >> good to see you. >> it's pouring down rain and we'll talk with rick to see if it's tied in with the severe weather. >> a severe weather alert, at least ten people are dead after tornados through mississippi and heavy damage around the yazoo city area. >> joining us on the phone this morning is bret carr, a public information officer with mississippi emergency management agency. good morning to you, sir. tell us about the latest from the devastation down there? >> well, good morning, as of day break this morning, you know, we are still in response mode, we are trying to get the proper officials in the area, you know, daylight is just coming around in our parts,
8:02 am
so, you know, we have dispatched task force one, south mississippi task force one from macomb, mississippi. the mayor up there, insisting how the national guard and any other officials that are coming from around the state to help. >> and as you assess, as you begin to get help out there, this is the problem and you don't have any infrastructure there. this is when the red cross comes in, if people displaced by, they don't have homes to go to. some of the emergency medical shelters that you guys have set up in schools and churches, what's the situation there right now for that? >> we do have shelters open, as well as the red cross is here and they have activated to send help up to the area that's been devastated, but, you know, we have shelters that have been-- we're trying to get the aid in. i know there's people with no power, no water, you know, so it's tough for those people, especially the ones that are ill, so, we're trying to get as many, as much help to these
8:03 am
people as we can at this current moment. >> it's so difficult to do that, obviously, because as clayton mentioned you know, the infrastructure, the roads are blocked, things like that. we wish you the best of luck and obviously, we'll be checking in throughout the rest of the day to this area to see what's going on right now, but let's get over to rick reichmuth to give us an update on what's happening currently around the country. >> yeah, currently, the storm pulls off to the east, the last little bit after tornado watch expiring and i don't think we'll see more tornados, probably across the southeastern area today. a little bit of hail and wind damage from it, the broader system pulling off towards the east losing a little bit of steam though, it's now just going to bring some gloom across areas of the northeast. i want to take a look though at the storm, as it developed yesterday. go back to the radar and watch the storm, very spectacular, we talked about long track storms, long track tornados and this was such an example of it, with deadly consequences and this right here is the cell across northeastern areas of louisiana. there's yazoo city. this is in louisiana, watch
8:04 am
the cell hold together cutting through yazoo city and the county where there are deaths reported and this holds together as a tornado all the way across the state of mississippi, about 200 miles it held intactful tact and tornados throughout and dave was asking how it's been a calm tornado season so far and updated this little graph you see the white cones, that's the average over the last ten years and where you see the blue where we've been, well below our averages all season long. april now we're getting toward the end of april, but almost towards where we typically would be. you'll notice may when we see the most activity in a typical year so we are ramping up into the height of this. this is where we stand the chance to see severe weather across the eastern seaboard, parts of florida across parts of the ohio river valley and i don't think we'll see anything like yesterday, but only takes one tornado it cause certainly some big devastating consequences, guys. >> thanks, rick, we'll check with you in a little bit. first the rest of the
8:05 am
headlines this morning. >> the coast guard ended the search for 11 workers missing since tuesday's oil rig explosion. right now huge amounts of oil are leaking from that rig off louisiana's shore. coast guard officials estimate as much as one thousand barrels of oil escaping each day into the gulf of mexico, each day. and bad weather in the area, still hammering cleanup efforts there. an al-qaeda group front in iraq confirms the two of its top figures have been killed. confirming what u.s. and iraqi officials reported that the two men were killed in the joint operation near tikrit north of baghdad. the u.s. describes the deaths as potentially devastating blows to al-qaeda in iraq and terror network says the deaths will not affect operation. goldman sachs revelling at the housing market. and even compared the investments to quote, frankenstein turning against his inventor.
8:06 am
the e-mails were released ahead of the hearing where the ceo lloyd blankfine and other executives will testify, excuse me. a goldman spokesman accuses them the cherry picking which e-mails to release. the u.s. millions says it has president obama support for new high speed weapons that can strike anywhere on earth within an hour. prment global strike is designed to terry out tasks like killing osama bin laden if he's ever spotted and taking out a north korean missile rolled to the launch pad or destroying an iranian nuclear site without crossing the nuclear threshold. taking a whole new meaning on, unveiling new technology that lets driver steer their cars only with their eyes. it tracks eye movement and steers in the direction he's looking and the car stops and accelerates like normal, forget about text messages or
8:07 am
checking out the hotty on the side of the road. >> yeah, what would clayton do? >> i mean. >> look at the garl on the side of the road. >> and crossing the road every two seconds. >> it's scary. >> that's how i do it. i don't need eyes, it's all up here. >> let's talk education. there's a lot up there. >> no, there's not. >> thousands of teachers are nervous because they are on firing lines and what happens when schools have to cut back? who is the first to go? well, typically in this country, seniority rules, youngest teachers are the first to get fired. is that system about to change? it has in arizona, it may in california and it might right here in new york as well, guys. >> this is so odd. the way you've phrased that was interesting because we often think of businesses, other businesses, right, the seniority, the older the worker is, those are the people you want to displace, they make the most money, you know, might not be as snappy and savvy with the new technology and up and coming trends. >> might not be as hungry. >> might not be as hungry and ambitious. >>, but they have more experience and they might be
8:08 am
better suited for the job, who knows. >> right, so in the teacher's situation, it's fascinating. what they found in the research, through this research is that the younger teachers often slip up and have problems within the first five years, not as savvy in the classroom and know how to deal with things the way that older teachers do. >> right, here in new york city, 8500 teachers are set to be laid off. in the new york city education chancellor joel cline says, quote, nobody i've talked to thinks seniority is a rational way to go. obviously, there are some senior teachers who are extraordinary and recruit young talent and think it's good for the future and get rid of that by numbers, seems to be nonsensical approachment on the flip side those teachers who make a lot of money who have been there a long time say if you allow them to throw out the seniority, we're going to get fired because as you said we make the most money and we're going to be the first to go. how do you measure performance of teachers and no one can figure that out. >> that's it, but like what's happening in new jersey with
8:09 am
governor christy saying, hey, hold on, we're not beholden to the teacher's union, right now seems to be the sentiment here in new york city and say hold on a second, the teachers unions are saying, go for the older, more experienced tenured teachers and totally redo this. >> and arizona got rid of the seniority rules last year and other legislation fetts rid of similar seniority rules, i'm sorry. >> i was going to say, you've got to think about it a great teacher and just if you've got your credentials and ready to go there, where are you going to want to go, go to new york city saying we're going with the older more experienced teachers or somewhere else. you've been laid off a year, that's not good enough. let us know what you think, on twitter as well. i'm clayton morris on twitter and i'm going to go ahead and check that and see what's going on in twitter. >> because he might, you might argue clayton morris is addicted to social media and argue a lot of us are.
8:10 am
a new study from the university of maryland suggest that students are addicted to social media and here is how they describe their withdrawal. they had to be away from social media for only 24 hours and clayton couldn't go 24 minutes. >> no. but they described their withdrawal as frantically craving, they were very anxious, extremely antsy, miserable, jittery and crazy when going without social media? >> i think it is the most refreshing thing to walk away, leave your phone there. you know, there's nothing worse, you go on a date and the guy is sitting there and got his phone right there and he can't keep himself away. >> can't go five minutes. >> it drives me crazy. >> you're not addicted. >> no, just kidding-- >> are you all right there, buddy? >> i just had a minute. >> let me say, let me be honest, i think there's a knee jerk reaction to this sort of behavior, right. >> i bet you do. >> it is, you know, you see the local news story, you love it are your kids addicted to
8:11 am
the social media and you need to know at 11 your kids-- ments how local newscasters are. >> i've looked at the data and research and find that kids of this younger generation, higher iq, 6 to 7 points higher than the general rakes before them and process information much more quickly, text messages, social media, jumping into an article and this is all evidence. you can look it up, reason don prescott's great book, growing up digital. i don't buy that the kids have all the issues. >> i think it's refreshing to be with my family and put the phone away. rarely do i do it. >> it's difficult to to in the news business and make sure-- >> and find out. and what i like about the study, the kids are actually addicted to keeping in contact with friends and family, not necessarily the ridiculous things, the gossip, but they really want to keep in touch with friends and family, so that i can handle. >> let us know-- >> you can keep your phone there it's okay.
8:12 am
>> we tried this before and clayton couldn't-- >> i literally tried to go out. >> when you go out to dinner are you sitting there with your loved one checking messages. >> i know, i have to put rules no for the dinner, set it down. >> why can you not put it away. >> dave is worse. >> i'm checking twitter right now, fox, dave briggs. >> coming up on the show, what do you think about all of this. grn ed rendell says the tea party is not a legitimate movement. what were the massive rallies about? chris wallace weighs in next, he's on twitter. >> this could be biggest proposal, asks for his girlfriend's hand with the help of doc brown and delorean. [ woman ] can't anything help these itchy allergy eyes? [ male announcer ] visine®-a is clinically proven to relieve all your worst eye allergy symptoms.
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8:16 am
sunday. good to see you this morning, chris. >> hey, chris. >> hey, guys. >> you had a question about twitter. >> yes, chris in the break i was looking for you on twitter and i couldn't find you, where are you? are you hidden there somewhere. i'm not on twitter (laughter) >> he dismissed that one out of hand. we were talking about social media. >> i like the hatred in the voice. >> chris is not addicted. >> clayton, i'm not on twitter. >> chris, let's talk about the immigration situation, it's getting heated in arizona. where does this thing go next, do you think the immigration policy moves right up to the front for president obama in passing something? >> well, i don't know that he's going to pass something, but sure got the impression that the democrats think they can make hay on the immigration issue and i'm not saying it's just cynical politics, but i think there's some cynical politics involved. the president criticized this plan, the arizona bill even before the governor had signed it. excuse me, called it misguided, said that he was going to ask the justice department to look into
8:17 am
possible violations of civil rights and you now see the senate democrats talking about moving up immigration reform, ahead even of energy policy. and i think one of the reasons is they think it's a good way for them, whether they pass a bill or not, to try to appeal to the big and growing block of hispanic voters, back during george w. bush's presidency, a lot of them were supporting republicans. now, there has been a turn to the democrats and i think the president and the democrats would like to keep it that way for the mid term election. >> does lindsey graham have a point, this thing is going to take a long time. i've been involved for a lot of years, you have to have months and months. does the american public have patience for that, waiting that long? >> i think what he's particularly upset about it, he's been work in a bipartisan group with joe lieberman and
8:18 am
john kerry, obviously, this was a big priority of this administration and they in fact were planning to announce a plan tomorrow and now lindsey graham feels they've had the legs cut out from under them because the senate democrats are talking, no, we're going to push back on move on immigration reform and i think that graham feels, there's some thing to this and says it's a political ploy. >> he says he's pulling back on the energy bill they were going to talk about tomorrow, which is pretty significant. is he sort of testing the water what the reaction is going to be or is he serious about this? >> oh, i think he's serious about it because i think he feels, look, you know, this is a tough move for me as a republican to make to join in with people like john kerry on energy reform and not going to stick my political neck out if in fact immigration and maybe just a political pass at immigration is what you're pushing instead of serious work on energy.
8:19 am
>> chris, someone who did stick out their political neck yesterday. ed rendell, the pennsylvania government here on fox news talking about the tea party, listen to this. >> well, what's happened is the mainstream immediate yeah, i'm not blaming the conservative media. i think the main stream media has sort of fallen for this hook, line and sinker. there's no clout behind this movement. it reflects what people feel, but the actual movement itself has no infrastructure, has no ability to bring a lot of people to key seats at key moments in time. give tea party-ites credit for being the ones who brought this to the fore is totally misguided. the week before the health care bill was voted on they got a thousand people to show up for that rally. the tax day rally had less than a couple of thousand people. if i organized a rally to have stronger laws to protect puppies, i would get 100,000 people in washington without breaking a sweat.
8:20 am
>> chris, does governor rendell have a point here, there's no infrastructure in the tea party movement? what do you make of the statement? >> i think he's underselling the tea party movement in terms of the number of people in america to support the goals, 20, 25% of the country either calls themselves members of the tea party or identifies with their goals. i think he does have a legitimate point in saying, i'm not sure i'd be as negative as he is, but he's basically saying, show me. you know, it's one thing for people to show up at a rally, it's another thing for them to have a real impact on an election and i think he's saying you know, let's see how much impact the tea party movement has as we move forward in this mid term election cycle and you know, he's got a point so let's see, and you know, to a certain degree it's a challenge to tea partiers, show ed rendell, show other doubters if there really is a viable political movement here. >> should be interesting. check your local listings for fox news sunday. chris, we appreciate it. >> thank you, chris. >> thank you, guys.
8:21 am
>> a man punches his wife in the face, he doesn't have memory of it, he was asleep. and heard this before. jeanine pirro weighs in coming up. calcium every day. that's why there's new danonino. danonino! unlike leading kids yogurts, danonino has twice the calcium of milk, ounce per ounce, with vitamin d. so it's power packed for healthy growth. and its rich creamy taste is... yummy! so they can start building strong bones today... for stronger bodies tomorrow. new danonino from dannon. power packed to help kids grow. ♪ this is your paintbrush. the john deere select series with dozens of attachments and the only four-year limited bumper-to-bumper warranty in its class. ♪ the question is, what will you create?
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8:24 am
>> welcome back to "fox & friends," it's a very interesting story. we've been telling you about. here is what happens, let me set it up for you. a man is sleeping with his wife. in comes their young child screaming he had night terrors. the man who never wakes up, punches his wife in the face several times, she has to call 911. they come, he is arrested and now, this man is separated from his family and his three young children. >> yeah, listen to this 911 tape, as the wife, frantically calls 911. take a listen. >> my son has night terrors
8:25 am
and my husband woke up and started >> she says he is he's a caring man and works for human services. they are separated, he cannot be with her, cannot be with his three young children. legally what do they do now. >> let's introduce judge jeanine pirro, what can they do? >> they can go to court and try to get the judge to back off the order of protection. this guy has never been abusive in the past. in deep sleep, rem disorders and night terrors can occur, anyone who doesn't recognize this and listen to the medical experts is simplistic about domestic violence.
8:26 am
this guy was woken by a sleep and should not be a defense for the next guy who says i beat my wife because i woke up in at middle of the rem disorder. she can get this order eliminated and prosecutor should listen to this. >> and a case in arizona hasn't taken effect and challenges, what do you think. >> the irony, president obama comes out of a nationalization ceremony and talks about notions of fairness. naturalization, folks go and take a course and can be united naturalized citizens and obama says it's reprehensible, et cetera, et cetera. what we've got here is possibly a fourth amendment violation of unreassembled search and seizures, but at the end of the day, arizona is taking the issue under its belt that the federal government won't handle. they've got an enormous crime being committed by illegal
8:27 am
aliens and in terms of traffic stop, so they've got an intractable problem they're trying to deal with it. is it going to withstand constitutional muster, i don't know. >> from immigration to executive privilege, ousted governor of illinois rod blagojevich, he wants the president of the united states to testify in this trial because he says the president is the only one who knows what really went on in this particular conversation. will the president really have to testify or is he protected? >> there is precedent for this. both bill clinton and richard nixon have testified in cases when they were president, certainly obama, if he is called to testify, is not going to walk into the courthouse, he'll testify from a different area. but there's precedent. there's no executive privilege here, he was not the president when he had this conversation apparently-- >> just before. >> like the day before when he had this conversation with this labor union president and you know what, you've got a guy, a governor, exgovernor charged with 16 felonies, does
8:28 am
he have the right to defend himself? absolutely, and if obama apparently has information that is relevant and that is not outside of the issues, then a court can call him. >> and you're just sitting there listening to that, do you say, yeah, bring the president in? >> yeah, yeah, if it's relevant to this guy's defense, he's facing life in prison at the end of the day with this case and yes, you know, if there's an accusation he was trying to get money or favors for that senate appointment and yet you've got other people saying he wasn't, you know and maybe the president says i wanted valerie garrett or candidate b to be my person and didn't ask for anything in return. >> i was going to say we have two seconds, he was on the apprentice and made a complete moron of himself on the show. i mean, should he have done this when he's dealing with these charges? >> i'm not sure all the circuits are connected with this guy. i think he's ingratiating himself to the public. good night is a former boxer, it's not a surprise. >> he doesn't know how to use
8:29 am
his text messaging or computer and he was the governor of the state of illinois? >> well, yeah, that's still illinois. >> and judge jeanine pirro always good to see you in your legal role. >> and coming up next on the show, deadly tornados across the south and midwest, but the storm trouble may not be over yet. ten people killed in mississippi. we're live on the scene next. >> a store was robbed twice in one month so this owner put up a sign that said god forgives thieves, some painted red over it, the man is standing by the sign. >> and trying to get in shape before summer, turns out some of the exercises are all wrong. we're busting some workout myths. i think he's doing the lawn mower.
8:30 am
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8:33 am
>> all right. this is a fox news alert now. at least ten people dead after a deadly twister tore through mississippi today and check out the firsthand view from a storm chaser. take a look. >> i'm in a tornado right now. limbs coming down everywhere. >> these guys are crazy. other parts of the southeast were hit by severe weather as well. live team coverage and rick is tracking the storm in the studio and start with chris gutierrez live in yazoo city, mississippi. what can you tell us. >> governor hail i barber in the state of mississippi, declared 17 counties a disaster area, you can see behind me why. this is what's left of the
8:34 am
hillcrest baptist church around noon. there was a man inside the sanctuary when the tornado touched down and dove under the communion table as the church came crashing down around him. officials here are estimating this could have been an ef-4. that means sustained winds topping 200 miles per hour. that is an enormous storm. as you mentioned, tragically, ten people were killed, four of whom live here in yazoo county and let's just swing around and you can look at the devastation, that trees are toppled, homes in this community literally ripped off the foundation. businesses completely destroyed, if we keep banning around, you can see a blackhawk helicopter is here because concern haley barber will be here in a half hour to take a second aerial view to see the perspective what they're saying was a tornado nearly one mile wide. back to you, in new york. >> and let's get to over a rick reichmuth. that's the bad news, is there good news, it's moved on? >> it is, today less after
8:35 am
active day and still dealing with a storm, but active watches in georgia and florida, this is the last of at least the southern edge and in the area. and pennsylvania, neighbor the nation's capital as well we are going to need to watch, but in general, the storm weakening a little bit and got to tell you, very active storm. 54 reports of tornados yesterday and a lot of hail and wind damage from this storm, but i just plotted down where all the tornados were and this is the tornado, the one super cell that cut across the state of mississippi, exactly where chris gutierrez was. so, but six states, seven states, excuse me, affected by tornados yesterday. 104 in all over the last three days and ups our severe weather total for this month. here is what we're dealing with. the seaboard, mid atlantic, delaware, the nation's capital and back across parts of ohio still dealing with the threat for severe weather.
8:36 am
probably better chance for maybe some hail, maybe an isolated tornado, we'll probably see an isolated tornado or two, hopefully nothing nearly as big and that storm yesterday, chris was saying three quarters of a mile wide, maybe a mile wide at some points, winds probably in excess of 165 miles per hour and the national weather service exploring and examining the area and give it a classification, was it an ef-3 or ef-4. that becomes important because it gives an idea for future storms, what kind of damage is done to certain kinds of structures and certainly, this town may be sparing, getting a little bit of a sparing from this because it hit the southern edge of town and didn't go just a little bit more towards the north in the downtown area, and would have caused a lot more problems because obviously, this devastation certainly rough and i think we'll see more pictures as the sun comes up in alabama today as well. >> thanks, rick, appreciate it. >> let's take a look at other headlines making news today. this afternoon, president obama will deliver the eulogy
8:37 am
for the 29 miners killed in the underground explosion in west virginia, thousands of people are expect today attend today's service. malini wilkes joining us from washington with more, malini? >> president obama will emphasize the need to keep working on mine safety when he attendance the memorial service in west virginia for the 29 mine errs killed at the upper big branch man. he'll say quote, we cannot bring back the 29 men we lost, they're with the lord now. our task here on earth is to save lives from being lost in another such tragedy, to do what must be done individually and collectively to assure safe conditions underground. mr. obama will also talk about the many letters and e-mails he's received from miners and their families, telling them please don't let this happen again. he won't be outlining new policy proposals. a federal investigation is underway looking a the massive explosion and mr. obama previously said the tragedy was triggered by a failure of management and we can't hold
8:38 am
mining companies accountability. washington needs to be accountable for a failure of oversight and laws riddled with loopholes. for today, the white house says the president will focus on celebrating 29 lives that were lost and he'll invite the president and will meet privately with families before the service. >> thank you very much. fox news confirmed abbas has received an invitation to visit the white house to meet with president obama. abbas accepted, but no word on the exact date. the invitation was given to abbas by mideast envoy george mitchell in the region, trying to restart peace talks which stalled 16 months ago over construction of settlements in east jerusalem. the top official in mexico is recovering from injuries after convoy was attacked. ten wounded after safety. the gunman escaped and former
8:39 am
president clinton speaking in mexico city, called for more cooperation between the u.s. and mexico in fighting drug traffickers. a big rig in corpus christi, texas takes a big rig on a chase. the rig was impounded after the man was caught driving with a suspended license and police finally caught up with him and had to drag him out of the front seat. and on a happier note let's take a look at sports. >> let's talk a little sports, not happy if you're from las vegas. a shocker last night in the nba and a series many thought would be a wesweep, is going to game five. kevin durant and the thunder, hosting kobe bryant and the lakers. two of durant's 22. and boy has the scoring champ come along. kobe bryant 12 points on the night. not even close, 110-89 your final and suddenly very crucial game five tuesday night in los angeles. and it's a pitcher's worst fear, getting hit in the face with a line drive before
8:40 am
there's time to react and that's just what happened to the pirates chris after a comebacker from hussein. warning, this video is difficult to watch. so if you don't want to see it turn away. >> oh! >> there it is, he's now in the hospital awaiting further x-rays. he was making his first start of the season after just getting caught called up from the minors. astros win the game five on the field five minutes in obvious pain and we hope the best for the pirates and their pitcher. >> that's hard to look at. man, i hope he's okay. everybody to trying to lose extra pounds for spring and summer, what if someone told you the exercises you're doing every single day or every other day aren't doing anything for you? here to bust the myths, the doctor and fitness expert. these are frightening. these are two myths that i do and i was convinced they're
8:41 am
helpful to me. ab exercises, if you do them like doing crunches you're going to melt away the belly fat, the pooch there. not going to happen. >> this is the most common misconception, i have a weekly column on and thousands of questions how to reduce the belly fat. everybody thinks you should comb down, lie on your back, do a bunch of ab exercises like crunches, and burning your abs like this will whittle away the fat. >> right. what does it do if it doesn't whittle away. >> this is five pounds of fat. to get rid of fat-- >> and if i lose five pounds. >> this is five pounds of fat. to whittle away you don't pumple away at your muscle, metabolize it by burning more calories overall. even though the ab exercise will make the stomach muscles stronger, it won't do anything to get rid of the fat and it will put usually a lot of strain on your lower back. >> so you have to lower calories and fat and you also have to, i mean, increase
8:42 am
cardio. >> you need to do more cardio because cardio, walking, running, cycling, even dancing all burns many mover calories per minute and over a 30 minute time, if you lie on your back and do 30 meant of ab exercises you'll burn 30 calories. when waist doing pilates over day i wasn't losing the pooch, but by stomach was strong. >> walking burns more from your stomach than pilates or ab exercises. >> we do that in new york all the time. smaller, lighter weights increase the reps and that will help you get toned, but not bulked up. >> incorrect. most women think they're weaker than they are. in daily lives they lift heavy weights, a baby ten pounds. a kid 20 pounds. >> and come into exercise class lifting five point weights. >> you don't want to look like a wwe wrestler.
8:43 am
>> women don't have the testosterone. use a heavy enough weight to challenge more of the muscle and we don't have the hormones to bulk up and the women that look really huge, body builders. right. >> they're spending hours and hours lifting 50 and a hundred pound weights. >> we don't have to worry about that. thank you very much. really, appreciate it. good tips and if you want more information, find them on. >> on the health section. >> clayton and dave, back to you. >> good, no more ab crunches for me. >> i knew you'd come up with an excuse. thank you. >> his store was robbed twice in one month. so this owner put up a sign that said god forgives thieves, hopefully. some pastors are seeing red over it, but the man stands by his sign. hear from him live next. >> and watching cartoons may not be that bad for your kids or me. how sponge bob squarepants helped save a girl's life. you're not going to want to miss this story. at a moment'.
8:44 am
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8:47 am
>> thank you for waking up with us this morning, you're wapg "fox & friends," well, listen to the story, when a local texas business owner had his store robbed twice in one month. he decided to take action and posted a sign that reads god forgives thieves, hopefully, hopefully is the thing that's getting some folks riled up, mickey mcdougle is the owner of sign-s achsign-sasinoal. . >> it seems like a fairly innocuous sign to some. >> well, the response has been great. i believe that i never thought it would create this kind of stir when we put it up. we've had a few pastors that come by and make sure we're on the right side of the fence on this. we are, i'm a christian and i thought it would be a good chance to express my faith and once we got that cleared up
8:48 am
with them, they were okay with that. >> what specifically was their concern, this idea that look, god forgives everyone and maybe there's some concern as the wording of the sign? what was their concern. >> exactly. i believe with all my heart that god does forgive, but once you work very hard, as we do in our business, my employees are great, my family is great, we all work hard to make a living and get hit two times in a week, you're questioning how your hard work is getting you. maybe the thieves should think about that a little bit. i know god would forgive, but it would help for them to actually ask. he feel real positive about it. i tried to turn a negative into a positive and it's really been interesting, very interesting. >> so, you haven't been hit since you put the sign up, i take it? >> no, ma'am. hopefully, this will help the cause. that was another reason for the sign itself was just to create a little bit of
8:49 am
awareness. apparently, this has been happening quite a bit and until it happened to me, i did not know, several of my neighbors had the same situation and i figured what better way to get the word out there to the public than to put a sign up and now, maybe some people can watch out for us as we tri to watch out for everyone else as well. >> a great message. mickey, we wish you the best and hope that the thieves pay attention to the sign and don't rob you once again. >> or anybody else. >> not just your shop. >> appreciate it. >> coming up, watching cartoons may not be all that bad for kids. sow sponge bob squarepants helped a young girl save her classmate's life coming up.
8:50 am
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8:52 am
>> all right. you have to hear this story.
8:53 am
a 12-year-old new york girl is being credited, or crediting, rather, sponge bob squarepants with helping her save her best friend's life. here to tell the amazing story are miriam and ali and joining them is audrey, the principal of long beach middle school. thank you for being here. i love the moral of the story, it's that cartoons are good. tell us what happened. you're in music class and you're chewing gum, we understand is against the rules. >> yes. >> don't chew gum in school, kids. tell me what happened and how it felt. >> well, we were laughing 'cause our teacher told a funny joke and then the next thing you know we're on the floor laughing, literally and i was chewing gum which i shouldn't have been doing and suddenly i realized i'm not laughing anymore and then i realized i'm not breathing anymore and finally realize i'm choking so miriam comes to me and goes ali are you choking? and all i could think i'm
8:54 am
going to die what are my parents going to do and friends think and miriam obviously realizes i'm choking and pulls me up and does the heimlich three or four times and the gum comes shooting out like five feet in front of me. >> unbelievable story, miriam. where did it come from and your reaction come from when you saw what's happening to one of your best friends. >> when i saw ali there on the floor all over the place with hands around her neck turning purs purple, i was horrified and got her p up and did the lime hick and through the process, channel sponge bob, think what sponge bob would do. >> why? i don't watch a whole lot of sponge bob, i assume that's not a show you watch regularly these days. >> no, i'm not a big sponge bob person anymore. >> but something you learned from watching the cartoons. >> when i was younger, way younger, i was six and saw
8:55 am
this episode and i thought, fun. >> and incredible. your principal is here to talk about this as well. audrey, how proud of you -- how proud of your young student are you, who learned this from sponge bob. >> i'm proud of miriam for quick action, most youngsters at her age, which is 12, are impulsive and bad decisions, but miriam you made a great decision, i'm proud of you. >> how indebted are you now to your friend miriam now. >> i'm indebted for life. if i need to donate a liver to her, i will. >> wow, saying a lot. >> miriam, finally, i hate to say it, but it's a message out there, there are good things in all forms of television, even cartoons. >> i guess so, but really, all in proportion, so, you know, don't watch tv be like hey, you know, sponge bob has lessons in it. no, do your homework first. >> that's good advice, miriam. >> miriam, you were horrified, but you were horrific as well so we applaud your actions.
8:56 am
incredible story, miriam, ali and audrey thank you for being here and thank you sponge bob for teaching the valuable lessons. >> thank you. >> coming up on the program, tornados, as you know, ripped through parts of the country, destroying homes and killing ten people. mississippi governor haley barber's hometown among the most devastated. we'll talk to him at the top of the hour. goldman sachs boasting will profits, and startling release from new e-mails. this could be the coolest or more likely the geekiest proposal of all time. a man asks for his girlfriend's hand with the help of doc brown and a delorean, kind of looks like clayton, oddly enough. clayton, oddly enough. we'll be back. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
8:57 am
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>> sunday, april 259, i'm juliet huddy, a "fox news alert." owe little bit racial as tornadoes destroy homes and communities, across the u.s., killing ten people. and, mississippi among the hardest hit and the governor of that state, haley barbour, live with us in moments. >> dave: a homeless man jumps from the rescue of a young woman and is stabbed to death in the process and lay there, dying, for more than 20 people, walking right by. why didn't people stop and help. >> clayton: still kids not old enough to pack their own lunch learning gun safety. why elementary schools are teaching the basics about packing heat. our slogan comes from kevin, in san francisco: when i turn on "fox & friends" this morning, my heart turned to putty, not because of clayton or dave, of course, but because of juliet huddy! >> juliet: so sweet... >> announcer: it's "fox & friends"! >> clayton: it is, welcome to the big show, on this sunday morning i'm clayton morris and
9:01 am
that is juliet huddy in for an under the weather alisyn camerota and dave briggs. >> dave: great to have you here, and so much happening and we start with the "fox news alert." major destruction, reported cra across the south east and at least 54 tornado touched down yesterday, from texas to missouri and to tennessee and the worst damage in yazoo city, mississippi, at least ten people were killed, including three children and rescue efforts are continuing there. this morning. >> juliet: and to rick reichmuth for the latest on what is happening, weather-wise around the country, rick. >> rick: 54 tornadoes and the national weather service go out and investigate to confirm it was a tornado and see if there is spinning and rotating damage or straight line winds and easy to determine that, but that is what they'll do in the process today. across areas of the south, now, we are watching any severe weather, we have this morning, will be down across parts of the south areas of georgia to south
9:02 am
carolina and later on this afternoon as the day heats up across the nation's capitol as well and, up towards parts of pennsylvania and po and we expect to see large long-track tornadoes and this developed east of arkansas and pulled towards the northeast and holding together and moving towards yazoo state, and across the state of mississippi, 200 miles, the storm held together dropping tornadoes along the track and pulling in across the state of alabama. alabama take the brunt during the overnight hours and as the sunlight comes up we'll see new pictures that will be dangerous and devastating out of alabama, 54 reports of tornadoes, the three-day total 104 tornadoes, starting across parts of colorado and across texas and parts of oklahoma and,
9:03 am
yesterday, what we saw, and, today any activity we see will be across the eastern seaboard and the last day, not as much of a there the of big tornadoes and we could see smaller tornadoes, certainly hail and wind damage as the fronts continues to pull offshore and, after that, we'll be left with a little bit of gloominess across the northeast and the severe weather will be done by the time we're done with today. guys. >> clayton: thanks. we are getting word now, mississippi governor haley barbour joining us, now and will take another tour of the damage today, and he grew up in yazoo city, kris gutierrez live with the gordon. good morning to you. >> reporter: you are kind enough to join us and you are going to go tour the area, put in the perspective for our viewers, what did you see yesterday. >> it is an enormous tornado and reported in the press as 3/4 of a mile wide and i can tell you there are places here where it is 3, 4 miles wide and there were perhaps two tornadoes, twin
9:04 am
tornadoes, at times, and i don't know if that is right or not. but, the tornado set down in madison parish, louisiana and, went 150, 175 miles and this county, my home county, biggest county, 970 square miles, and it was on the ground for 40 miles, and, by god's grace it missed yazoo city proper and caught rural areas, fairly heavily developed, south of town, and this corner, right here, that you see, is a commercial area, once a funeral home, a church, and then, more closed in unincorporated, closed-in, heavily developed areas and just destroyed everything in its path. it was monster. >> reporter: and ten people tragically lost their lives and a dozen injured but the way you can brag, is your fellow
9:05 am
mississippians gathered together to help and people were trapped beneath their homes for hours and people rescued them with chain saws and atvs. >> we got here 30 minutes after the storm, my wife and i and we came to this intersection and went down old highway 16 which was badly hit and by then, already you saw people who took the four wheelers, what we call atvs and slung a chain saw over their shoulders and we're going down to clear the road and into the houses to cut open -- i mean, some of the houses were crushed and time and time again you would see an injured person who came up here to the emergency operations center where we had triage, and would bring them on the back of a four wheeler. it is just all the people that did that, teenagers, young people, but, people my age and older. it is reassuring, how something terrible like this usually brings out best of most people.
9:06 am
>> reporter: you have declared 17 counties in your state disaster areas. what does it mean? >> first of all, it allows to us call out state resources and we had 40 mps on the ground last night, national guard military police and a bunch of highway patrolmen to be sure everything was secure, yet dozens and dozens and dozens of homes in this county, where no one was there, to protect the property is the state's responsibility and an emergency declaration allows us to call out the guard and allows us to ask the federal government for assistance, and, thus far, they have been helpful, and fema had people here yesterday afternoon, but, the state agencies and the local governments from all around have been great, swift and sure. but the heart-warming part has been the volunteers, not only from here, i saw kids yesterday, who would say, governor, i'm so-and-so's grandchild... it is a big deal. >> reporter: chokes you up.
9:07 am
>> yeah, it does. >> reporter: good morning, thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> reporter: all the folks in the great state of mississippi. >> appreciate it. >> reporter: if you have time when you land, join us again and put it into perspective of what you see. >> we are actually going to choctaw county, on the helicopter. >> reporter: thank you, governor. >> thanks. >> reporter: back to you guys in new york. >> clayton: thank you for that as well. >> juliet: now the other headlines making news, a huge amount of oil is leaking from an oil rig that exploded off of louisiana's shore, and coast guard officials estimate as much as 1,000 barrels of oil, escaping each day into the gulf of mexico. bad weather hampering efforts to clean up oil, already on the surface as the coast guard says it ended the search, for 11 workers, missing since tuesday's explosion. an al-qaeda front group in iraq confirms two of its top figures have been killed, and that confirms what iraqi and u.s. officials originally reported.
9:08 am
the two were killed in a joint operation here tikrit, north of baghdad and the u.s. describes the deaths as potentially devastating blows to al qaeda in iraq but the terror network says the deaths will not affect the group operation. iran test fired a series of missiles as it continues war games in the persian gulf. the five missiles are believed to be short-range missiles and, meanwhile iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad says additional u.n. sanctions against his country would be illegal, and iran's foreign minister met with the head of the iaea to urge them not to endorse new sanctions. goldman sachs executives expected to face a grilling on tuesday, when they face a senate committee, it comes after the senate invest gags subcommittee showed e-mails, boasting about the profits they were making from the collapse of the housing market and they are fighting back and accusing the committee of cherry pick and points out the bank actually lost a billion dollars in the subprime good morning collapse. here's a marriage proposal like
9:09 am
you have never seen before, maybe never want to again... i'm kidding! >> clayton: this is great. >> juliet: corie goldstedder, put himself into the 1985 movie, "back to the future" to pop the question to the love of his life. >> you made it. >> yeah. >> welcome to the latest experiment, this is the big one, the one i have waited for all my life. >> you're right, what finish says no? >> well, i figure... >> you're good, honey, i don't want to steal the moment for myself, so... >> clayton: he says, will you marry me? believe it or not, she said yes, he digitally edited himself into the movie and recruited 20 onlookers to go into the theater and watch the movie so he -- it
9:10 am
wouldn't look suspiciously empty and they met at a costume party where he went as marte mcfly. brilliant. >> dave: didn't she know something was up when they went into a movie theater, and a movie from 20 years ago was playing. >> juliet: it was a revival, like rocky horror and "back to the future." >> clayton: you are watching the movie and suddenly your fee answer appears on the screen. >> juliet: ladies, would you kind of go, wow, this is really wonderful and cute an clever or run for the hills. >> dave: you said you would say no. it raises the bar for proposals. >> juliet: don't talk to me about marriage. >> dave: he was a possible situation facing students in virginia, go to social studies an english class and recess and come back for gun safety, because the law now in virginia says the virginia education department has to come up with gun safety curriculum which incorporates guidelines from the nra, some say it is irresponsible and others say it is a great idea. teaches kids exactly what they need to know at a young age.
9:11 am
>> clayton: they have the mascot, eddie the eagle and he teaches them about gun safety and marilyn writes, it reinforces safety taught at home and offers instruction to children who do not live in a home with firearms and may be exposed at a friend or neighbor's house. >> juliet: and some folks might say these are obvious things to teach children, but, we are -- the guidelines are for the -- from the nra and, we have philosophical issues with... >> clayton: why not the state or the federal government set the standards. >> dave: john says teaching gun safety is good if children know how to handle firearms there will be fewer accidents and the critics say it's the job of the parents, if they want to introduce guns to their children, they'll do that in the confines of their own home. might be what some of the critics would say. >> juliet: and, in there is nothing wrong with teaching firearm safety to kids, curiosity of firearms and lack of safety training kills kids. >> clayton: the message is, on the surface it sounds
9:12 am
outrageous, right? we'll teach elementary students this. but the message really is, kids in the home, and, so, i said earlier, if you have a gun in the father's closet and he's still at work and kids have friends over at the house an stumble through and find the dad's gun, that is when the accidents happen and it might be a great program. >> juliet: and certain areas of the country, guns are more prevalent in the home, so... >> dave: each school board in virginia can choose to teach it or not. they have the choice, the tough immigration law in arizona is up against fierce opposition and does it cross the line or strengthen our border, a debate is next. >> juliet: a disturbing video of a homeless man dying on the street and 20 people walk by him and look at him and walk away. why? we'll talk to keith ablow, about why some stop to help others and in a lot of situations, others don't.
9:13 am
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9:16 am
>> a massive rally against arizona's immigration law is scheduled for later today and critics and president obama say the state is going way too far to combat our border problems. but, others say it is necessary. >> all this heat, all this stuff coming from the president, i don't even know why he's -- it is -- he's interfering with the arizona -- people of arizona, and, by the way the president should understand, we -- this law, mirrors the federal law, if he has a problem with the state law he has to have a problem with his own federal law and ought to look at the federal law. >> clayton: former agent mike cut letter and immigration attorney fransisco hernandez join us. thanks for joining us this morning. the president talking about looking at this, not sure if this is legal. what strikes you about this? >> well, i think it is very legal, and i think the sheriff is correct. you know, if you look at section
9:17 am
1304-e, of title 8 of the u.s. code, that section says that any alien in the u.s. must carry proof of alien registration, the green card and passport showing they are lawfully present and i think again i have to agree with the sheriff. if the president is unhappy with what arizona is doing he needs to understand arizona is trying to fill the vacuum created in washington by a failure to deal with the issue and failure to create a secure border and immigration system that has real integrity and phoenix, arizona, right now is the kidnap home invasion capital of the western help officer. and they are addressing the threat to the safety of the citizens. >> clayton: but the question isn't about those illegals, the question is really about the nonillegals, right, over the law and given the police -- giving the police the authority to search someone with reasonable suspicion. what is reasonable suspicion -- what does it even mean. >> what the immigration and
9:18 am
customs agents call moad, mexican out after dark and you end up with a bunch of dishwa dishwashers in jail and u.s. citizens and i had a kid, who was in the jail for weeks and weeks at a time and, he was a u.s. citizen and, i agree with mr. cutler, it is way past, 8 years pastime to do something, the federal law -- arizona, can you blame them, probably not. they are grandstanding for political purposes. but, the point is, clearly, we need to do something and do something now and a few years ago we thought the wall was going to fix all of the problems and it clearly didn't. and then we spent -- >> they haven't built -- >> that didn't do anything and guys, it is time to act. but both sides, democrats and republicans, are equally to blame, for our failure to act in this -- on this issue. >> clayton: what about fransisco's point, you will round people who are not illegal aliens and dishwashers working in the u.s. and deserve to live
9:19 am
here. >> i hope it become a matter of racial profile but this is 87-g, to train the local you a in lorment officers, and as an immigration agent i didn't arrest only hispanic people, i was a marine intelligence officer and 90% of the people i arrested were greek seamen who jumped ship and i worked on cases involving asian organized crime and the same tries for all law enforcement and if it becomes a matter of profiling it is wrong, but the deal here, though, really, is we really have to have the federal government enforce the law, and that is the reason now, that, we are seeing it on the state level. there are few ice agents in the country, about 10% as many ice agents as there are police officers for the entire city of new york and that doesn't make sense. >> clayton: fransisco, the last word. ten seconds. >> i agree, guys. it is time. we are sitting here on our tails, congress is doing nothing about it. and you can't blame state of arizona for passing crazy laws,
9:20 am
just call for attention, we are screaming for attention, please do something. >> clayton: we all agree, great debate, thanks for joining us. >> have a great day. >> clayton: coming up, ben roethlisberger has been tight lipped about sex scandal and the 6 game suspension for assault charge and now is set to speak out. why we may hear and some fans have heated words for the football star and a daughter gives her father a desperately needed kidney and gets a miraculous surprise in return, the amazing story, coming up. ♪ ♪ we're on our way home ♪ we're on our way home....
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>> dave: new this morning, the pittsburgh steelers quarterback, two time intoel champion ben
9:24 am
roethlisberger is going to accept this is suspension, tomorrow, in a press conference, roethlisberger was not charged with a crime. and for reaction we are joined by nationally syndicated radio host and columnist, steven smith. good morning, my friend. it may be reduced to four games, the suspension and i applaud regi roger goodell as the fans did, is the worst behind ben roethlisberger and has the punishment and outcry been enough. >> first of all, i think the punishment is behind him, assuming he acts accordingly and in terms of the fan reaction and outcry, everybody recognizes the fact that if he had been accused, if you remember, last july, he was accused of spael assau -- sexually assaulting aal would in reno, nevada and had that been all that transpired it
9:25 am
would have been his word against ours and that would have been it but the fact that he found himself in a precarious situation, similar to what transpired 8 months earlier the fact that you were accused twice in an 8-month span is what is staining the reputation as far that's commissioner was concerned and the public thought the commissioner acted appropriately in regards to those circumstances. >> dave: absolutely. another guy that has some bad reputation, alex rodriguez. it comes down to etiquette for him and if it were one thing it might be okay. but it is several things, now with alec rodriguez, the latest happened on thursday, against the as, a foul ball, he's a third -- at third base and walks over this pitcher's mound, dallas braden, who you probably never heard of, he was furious, because, you are not supposed to do that in baseball, it's an unwritten rule and it's not, as you know, a-rod's first time breaking the etiquette of baseball. was that a big deal? is that now, we have seen a pattern, a problem?
9:26 am
with a-rod? >> the appropriate answer is that it was an improper etiquette. no denying that and is something that he shouldn't have done but, clearly the way dallas braden reacted was not proper etiquette as well, and i think sometimes these unwritten rules are a bit annoying and what have you, rod didn't want to go all the way around second into first and he should have done that and shouldn't have done what he did and it wasn't the first incident provoking those kinds of responses and usually someone is speaking out against him as opposed to the way the pitcher conducted himself, throwing a glove into the dugout and accountant aing like a juvenile and didn't help his situation talking about what it is.
9:27 am
>> in 2004, he slaps a glove and in '07 yells at the third baseman while the ball is then air, bad etiquette on both halves and more bad etiquette, tiger woods, now is blogging and apparently in some form is apologizing and here's what he said on his blog, quote, it is tough when you are in competitive environments and the flow of a tournament. i'm not perfect, i can only say i'm trying to do everything i can without losing my fire and competitive spirit. a, he is blogging now, and he is addressing these issues. is he making you and the public satisfied with how he is handling all of this. >> i wouldn't say he is satisfying the public but i think, it is much ado about nothing, he's the greatest golfer in the world, after a five month layoff comes within four -- five shots of winning the masters. and, came in fourth place. and the man is still the best in the world, and, particularly, when he's on his game and he's
9:28 am
highly competitive. certainly, he shouldn't be, you know, just articulating, mrettives and things of that -- expletives, but he's in the heat of battle but the incident, with all of these allegations, and, in terms of, you know, him having a -- affairs behind is a wife's back, has given people reason to believe they can judge him on just about anything and, it is incredibly extreme and much ado about nothing and people, really turned a blind eye and deaf ear to most things like that when your a winning and they did that with tiger woods and some people say the buddhist principles he wanted to give back to, he was the one that brought that up and that is a valid point but it is a work in progress, not something that will change overnight and at the end of the day we want to see him play great golf and stay out of the news with the kind of stuff he was in the news about the last five months and the fact that he cusses a little bit, give me a break, people need to lighten up.
9:29 am
>> dave: perhaps he should stay out of the nightclubs as well, and it night help him, steven smith, nationally syndicated radio host, thanks for coming on this morning. >> take care. >> dave: we have told you of deadly twisters ripping through several southern states, 104 tornadoes reported in three days, crushing homes, wiping out communities. we'll tell you where the storm is heading today and a homeless man steps into save a woman and gets stabbed in the process and the man left dying on the street as more than 20 people walk by. why? dr. keith ablow coming up with why some people help and others do not. ♪
9:30 am
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>> juliet: a "fox news alert," devastating tornadoes ripped through the southeast and at least ten people are dead in mississippi and the governor joined us earlier and he said it is absolute devastation in his home town of yazoo city. >> this corner here, this is a commercial area, and, once a funeral home, a church and then, some more close-in unincorporated, close-in, generally developed areas, and, it just is -- destroyed everything in its path. it was minister. >> clayton: live team coverage and rick is checking the storm and let's start with kris gutierrez live in yazoo city, mississippi and the sun is up and they are assessing what happened, what can you tell us?
9:34 am
>> reporter: good morning, to you guys, tragically, ten people were killed in mississippi when the storm came through and they estimate it could have been an ef-4 with wind gusts topping 200 miles per hour. you are talking about an enormous storm and you can see what is left of the hillcrest baptist church, here in yazoo city and amazingly, there was someone inside the sanctuary, when the walls came tumbling down and he joins us live, dale thrasher, walk me through what happened yesterday, around noon. >> my wife called and said it had been reported, a tornado, at little yazoo to look out the door and i looked out the door and it didn't look bad and i walked down the hall and the building shook and i went back out and looked like a giant cloud with rain and winds swirling and i run to the sanctuary, and got under the communion table, and, then the windows started coming in and the building started collapsing like the lord put his arm around me at the communion table and i'm here today, praise him for that. >> reporter: amen.
9:35 am
talk to me... you are beneath the pile of rubble and how long did it take to get out of that and what did you do to climb out. >> i called my son first, to get him to come up here, we live about two miles... and a smelled gas and could hear it spewing out and i knew i had to get out as quick as i could and kicked a 2 by 4 loose, that was over me and crawled out and thank the lord we got the gas cut off and no fire... and the lord blessed us to rebuild the building and the lives are gone, and we pray for those families. >> reporter: for sure and you said, the only wound you have is a small one. >> on the carpet burn and a couple scratches and that's it. >> reporter: amazing. >> especially when we know, guys, four people in yazoo county alone were killed with this tornado, coming through, noon yesterday. i mean, stories of survival like this, mississippi, helping each other, coming to rescue on atvs and people on chain saws cutting
9:36 am
through limbs and debrises so first responders could respond to help save lives, amazing stories of how people came together. back to you guys in new york. >> clayton: about that is amazing. >> dave: thank you. that guy, barely a scratch... >> clayton: and the entire building collapsed around him. unbelievable. >> dave: let's get to rick reichmuth. and again it is tough to talk about the positive but looks like the warning system did a good job and it could have been a lot worse, right. >> rick: yes, one think i -- that struck me is all the devastation happened in 30 second. when you look at this pile of the building it looks like something that would take a long time for to it turn like that, it happens in a 30-second period. >> clayton: i was curious, he's under there and the storm was outside, and kicked the two by four out and got out quickly, what's the storm gone that quickly, moving that quickly. >> rick: it was, in fact the storm itself, the tornado was moving in the former progression at about 60 miles. -- miles per hour, like you travel down the highway, a
9:37 am
fast-moving tornado with winds maybe 200 miles per hour, within that but it is moving at 60 miles per hour. so,probably a 30-second period. caused all over that damage, and, warning systems were good, and the storm predictions center was great on the storm yesterday, issuing a high risk for severe weather, right across parts of mississippi and alabama and that is exactly what we saw, the long-tractor made and that certainly is great news, happening in the middle of the day is certainly a big help and everybody is awake and able to hear all of the warning systems, talk to people and warn each other, great news, that it didn't happen in the middle of the night and would have been more devastating had it happened at dark when people were asleep and this is what is left of the storm and continues to pull off, and we'll see a little bit of severe weather today, across the eastern seaboard, nothing like we saw yesterday. and no large long-tractor nadz and maybe smaller, still could be damaging tornadoes, probably wind damage and hail as the storm moves through and we have talked about how it has been a mellow year and that is the
9:38 am
case, the white columns, how many tornadoes we see on average the last ten years and now, look at the blues, where we have been, every month except january, a tornado above the average and only one in the month of february which is remarkable and april is getting more active and expect to it creep up en the may and because it has been mellow is because of the el nino season that kept things not as warm and humid, in across the southeast but that is changing and as we head towards the month of may we'll see quite a bit more. this is a look at the 54 reports of tornadoes, and the number be obviously from the same cell, that cut across the entire state of mississippi causing the problems, and now they have a lot to deal with and, guys, i want to see some reports that are probably going to come up out of alabama from storms that happened during this overnight hours. >> juliet: now the rest of your headlines, a "fox news alert." the white house says president obama will be with reverend billy graham at his home in north carolina, today. the two have been trying to get
9:39 am
together for some time and the meeting comes on the heels of his son, franklin, getting disinvited from the pentagon's national day of prayer events for controversial remarks about islam and later today the president will fly to west virginia, to deliver the eulogy for the miners that were killed in the explosion that happened earlier this month and thousands of people are expected to attend the service including vice president joe biden and the service will include prayers and a special tribute to honor the 29 who died in the upper big branch mine. poison singer bret michaels remaining hospitalized in critical condition, this morning, after suffering a brain hemorrhage, according to his official website. the 47-year-old is currently a contestant on donald trump's celebrity apprentice and the medical problems come on the heels of an emergency appendectomy he received after become ill before a concert, and that happened two weeks ago. senate republican elimp yeah snow is calling -- olympia snowe is calling for the strongest
9:40 am
dri derivatives rule and democrats need to convince at least one of 41 republican senators, to vote with them in order to start debate on the new bill and democrats say the bill brings new oversight to hedge funds and derivatives, and protects consumers from risky financial products. and those are the headlines for today. >> clayton: all right, a story we have shown you, close-up this morning, a homeless man here in new york saved a woman from being stabbed by an attacker. and jumps up and helps the woman. and he ends up getting stabbed himself, he's in the lower right hand portion of your screen and more than 20 people keep walking by and no one helped or called 911. >> dave: fox news medical contributor and clinical psychologist, dr. keith ablow joins to us talk. what is happening here, the lack of empathy, caring? is it fear? what is in play? >> look, i think a couple of things are in play, here.
9:41 am
and neither of them is the best side of humanity. you are right to mention empathy. because that is the opposite of what we see here. i think there is a psychological retleflex that occurs and peopl see something that is potentially threatening and the mind literally sometimes insulates itself and tells people, don't get involved. it is too big, it is too complicated, it is potentially overwhelming. keep moving. this happens in families, by the way, in which people don't protect one another. and, you go back and you say, now how could you have done that and you knew it was happening and didn't alert anybody and there is a resister in the sir, psychologically, if you will, sometimes in people's minds that gets trigger ed by events like that and it is very, very sad. >> clayton: i understand you are walking by a park bench and you see somebody and they may be sleeping and you might walk away and let things lie where they are but a gentleman walks up and
9:42 am
lifts his help up and sees a pool of balloonlood, and still off and doesn't call 911. how does that occur. >> it is the opposite of heroism and empathy and i think it is this resistor in our psychological makeup or the psychological makeup of some people, unfortunately, and i think there is also something else happening here, we don't want to believe that we could be part of a psychological thriller. how can it be, the mind says, that i'm strolling down a street, and i come upon a man who is dying on the street in a pool of blood and there is literally denial, and an instant denial and no, it can't be, i best move on and again, people need to wake up and say, yes, it could be happening. and it could be real. >> juliet: and depending on the neighborhood, i don't want to be pinned if it has a high rate of crime and i don't want to be blamed and i'll scoot on by, and we have to take a quick break now. >> dave: doctor you are sticking
9:43 am
around with us, our couch remains yours. new fox news poll shows more than 50% of americans think the federal government is broken. what makes americans distrustful of washington? more with the doctor, next. >> juliet: a daughter gives her father a desperately needed kidney and she gets a miraculous surprise in return, you'll hear their amazing story, coming up.'re staying at this resort for free? how? welcomerewards from see when i accumulate 10 nights, i get one free. and...they let me choose where to use them.
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>> juliet: welcome back, a new fox news poll shows 58% of americans believe our government is broken. but, why, why, americans, why do we have such distrust in our government. >> clayton: let's ask a man who penned the column on the subject, dr. keith ablow, why do 58% of americans say the government is broken. >> only 53% say they believe the government will do the right thing almost all of the time, 3% of those surveyed.
9:47 am
why? because i think there is a listening gap, i think, people feel they are not being heard, and what happens, in that context, there is a distrust that sets in and happens in families and cultures and people say, my agenda is not being accounted for. how can i believe that i'm going to be actualized, i'm going to be heard and that my truth will be accounted for, if i'm not being listened to. >> dave: how much of this do you think has to do with our economic conditions? people are just thinking about their wallets and reflecting those feelings on the government? >> listen, i think economic hard times definitely becomes contagious to other facets of our psychology. but, it is also the case that we had very graphic images of people going to their town halls, and trying to be heard and being sort of pushed away. i think that leaves a bad taste en people's mouths and i think the health care bill, the fact that the majority of people didn't support it, yet it passed, that is another facet of these things and i think the
9:48 am
distrust is rampant. the psychological impact here is tremendously important, because, distrust is not like depression. depression, people hunker down and hibernate and distrust leads to action. and, in other words, people are very closely asocietying in their minds, distrust with dislike and -- associating in their minds distrust and disgust and leads to n. actions and people looking for other solutions for themselves, distrust is not inert, it does not disempower them, it leads them to say i need more power. >> clayton: that is a fascinating point and that is where we got the tea party movement, right? distrust of government. >> absolutely. >> clayton: the call to action and anger and the palpable feeling that we have to do something about this? >> exactly right. because trust leads to people literally taking their shekels, putting them into the pile and saying, look, i trust you to dispense of them appropriately. distrust on the other hand, leads people to look at the pile and say, that is not doing what
9:49 am
i want to do with my shekels. i'm not going to feel as if that is my money at all, anymore, and so, let me figure out another way. people -- a funny thing about people, when they don't trust, when they don't feel actualized, they figure out, like mice in a maze, where what they need is located. they get there. it's not like depression where you have to lift them up, and distrust leads to action. >> juliet: doctor, great to see you, sir, interesting. >> same here, juliett. >> juliet: take care. coming up, you guys, a father and daughter had practically given up on miracles and both went through trauma until the daughter gave her dad a desperately needed kidney and got the surprise of her own, too and we gave it away, here with their incredible story, coming up next.
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9:53 am
>> juliet: welcome back to "fox & friends" weekend, listen to this story, jennifer gave her ailing father the ultimate gift, she donated her kidney to save her life and she says, in return, she got a gift she had been trying for and basically gave up hope on, having a baby. jennifer joins you, with her dad, jim and baby girl grace, three months old, that's right? >> yes. >> juliet: go ahead and tell us how it happened. you have been going through fertility treatments and all of that business for four years, and, no luck, right? >> that's correct. my 30s, i started around when i was about -- we got married, when i was 32, and so for, about, yeah, four or five years, off and on, it could have happened, and the fertility we got into pretty hard core, and nothing worked, and, so i said, forget it. dad needed a kidney, it turned
9:54 am
out and, i tested and i was a match. and so, we went forward with it an them, had our kidney surgery on february 5th of '09. and, two months after the surgery, i got pregnant naturally at 38 years old. >> juliet: you had been trying for years and years and years and couldn't have a baby and all of a sudden you donator kidney, an amazing, the ultimate gift, really, and all of a sudden you are pregnant and there is little baby grace and what was your reaction when you found out they were pregnant? >> stunned! i didn't believe it. my husband thought i might be and i blew it off because i had had a lot of disappointment after all of those years. >> juliet: something was working up there, obviously. >> yes. i called my best friend, mom, dad, greg, everybody else, all at the same time and crying... craig's family and, it is just absolute joy. >> juliet: dad, what do you make of all of this? >> i'm pretty pleased with the way this turned out.
9:55 am
i love our little girl. i love both my little girls. >> juliet: what do you have to say to your daughter who gave you an incredible gift? >> oh, should i tell them about the flowers? >> juliet: tell them about the flowers. >> what was that for? >> for your birthdayed . >> the one year anniversary. >> the anniversary of the transplant, we -- i sent her a flower bouquet, and, the card said, thank you for giving me my life back. >> juliet: i understand, jim, that you have had a hard time telling the story, until recently, because it is... i don't know why but... >> you can see. yes. for three months afterwards i couldn't tell anybody the store without crying, and, it is the first time i think i've talked about the flowers. >> juliet: how is life going now, how are you feeling. >> great! i have got a garden put out, mostly, put out and waiting on the weather to finish, but, the last couple of years, i didn't
9:56 am
have any energy, couldn't do anything, just felt, you know, tired and depressed all the time... >> juliet: and now. >> now as you can see, i'm emotional again... >> juliet: and you have a little granddaughter to run around and chase, so, congratulations to both of you, you are wonderful people, and, your little baby is adorable, and if you need a baby-sitter, let me know! okay? >> thank you. >> juliet: more "fox & friends" in two minutes. we'll be right back. ed back pris on top lawn carerands like poulan pr brute by briggs & stratton, pennington, scotts and spectracide. along with thousands of others all over the store. it's rollback time! save money. live better. walmart.
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